seneca village – lesson two


Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the history of Seneca Village by exploring the physical landmarks and monuments in Central Park that commemorate the community and its residents.

Intended for all ages


Let’s explore the past through our present

  1. Begin by providing an overview of the history of Seneca Village and the reasons why it was destroyed to make way for Central Park.

  2. Distribute the scavenger hunt worksheets and review the instructions with the participants.

  3. Review the map of Central Park with the participants, pointing out the locatons of various landmarks and monuments related to Seneca Village.

  4. Participants will explore Central Park in small groups or pairs to find the landmarks and monuments related to Seneca Village.

  5. As participants locate each item on the scavenger hunt worksheet, they should answer the accompanying questions and take a photo of the item.

  6. Encourage participants to work collaboratively, sharing information and discussing their findings as they go.

  7. After completing the scavenger hunt, gather the participants together to share their findings and reflect on the experience.